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Earthtech/ is the synthesis of a contemporary mindset, capable of being an active player within the rules of circular construction. It is a full-bodied technical product which mixes together surface and thickness, born from the spontaneous blending of small fragments and pigments of different colours. Six essential hues in harmony with shades of natural elements are the distinguishing features of this series which offers easily matchable tones. Ground and Flakes are the two aesthetic families in which the collection develops, through a neutral colour palette and two intense colours, yellow and orange. New finishes, Comfort and Glossy bright enhance their potential uses

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12×24 | 24×24 | 24×48 | 48×48 | 48×95 | 48×111


Comfort, Glossy bright, Slate-hammered


Decor Tiles


6mm | 10mm |  20mm


Special order from Italy.