Sharp Hospital by AVRP Studios

MATERIALS: Pietra di Basalto (12×24, 24×48 in Bianco and Beige)

Mid–Century by DNA Design

MATERIALS: Maxfine Pietre

Muse by Matrix Design


SNTP by FS Design Group

MATERIALS: Melt Grey (8×48 and 24×48)

Mr. Robinson by Jonathan Segal AIA

MATERIALS: Travertino Al Contro

Holmes by Island Architects

MATERIALS: Maxfine Travertino, Maxfine Calacatta, Travertino Al Contro

Aventine by Gensler

MATERIALS: Pietra di Basalto (24×24 and 24×48)
AWARDS: Gensler (merit) by AIA-SD

Kilroy Del Mar by Gensler

MATERIALS: Maxfine Statuario Venato (60×60 and 60×120), Rovere Moka (12×48)

Pine Needle by Studio Anderson

MATERIALS: Listone Giordano (Oak Listone 190)
AWARDS: Home of the Year 2018 by San Diego Home & Garden

Breathe Degrees Carlsbad by Ocio Design Group

MATERIALS: Appiani mosaics SPA floors and walls.
Stoffa in lobby floors.

Legacy International by Carrier Johnson

MATERIALS: Pietra di Basalto (24×24)

Nasville 5th & B by Jules Wilson Design Studio

MATERIALS: Appiani custom mosaics

6th Avenue by Studio Europa Leicht

MATERIALS: Ekho floor tiles, I Marmi di Unica shower walls, Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper

Condo on Girard by Studio Europa Leicht

MATERIALS: Listone Giordano Oak flooring

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