MidCentury by DNA Design

Materials: Maxfine Pietre

Muse by Matrix Design 

Materials: Melt Ivory

SNTP by FS Design Group 

Materials: Melt Grey  8×48 and 24×48

Mr. Robinson by Jonathan Segal AIA 

Materials: Travertino Al Contro

Holmes by Island Architects 

Materials: Maxfine Travertino, Maxfine Calacatta, Travertino Al Contro

Aventine by Gensler

Materials: Pietra di Basalto, 24×24 and 24×48

Kilroy Del Mar by Gensler

Materials: Maxfine Statuario Venato 60×60 and 60×120, Rovere Moka 12×48

Pine Needle by Studio Anderson

Materials: Listone Giordano, Oak Listone 190 | Home of the Year 2018 by San Diego Home/Garden Magazine