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Appiani Mosaics has actively promoted its products on the Italian and international markets since it was first founded in Treviso in 1873. They produce ceramics with a superior aesthetic appeal for architecture, with the guarantee of no creative or functional restraints, enabling designers to illustrate their full decorative finesse and inventive flair.

Appiani offers ceramics in a myriad of colors, shapes, and finishes by combining the shapes and dimensions of traditional ceramics.


The colors of the Anthologhia line are presented in different shades, creating a pleasant wavy effect. The line is completed by a semi-glossy glazed surface and a skid-proof surface. 

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Denim takes jeans out of context in a surprising new form of expression and updates the properties that made jeans a universal icon of style. The material is impressed with an innovative new finish suitable for floors and walls. 

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Diva’s high gloss finishing and accentuated rounded edges make the collection stand out for its unique color intensity.

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Metallica’s signature metal finish enables the realization of mosaic projects with distinguished light and reflection effects ideal for interiors and covering exterior facades. 

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The Allure single press firing range is ideal for wall covering uses in  residential, commercial, and wellbeing settings. They are also recommended as floor tiling in low traffic areas.

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With Metrica, space is defined by simple shapes and broken fragments that capture the essence of ever changing geometry which dictate the rhythm of Metrica.

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Emphasizing the union of architecture with design and art, Texture presents mosaics through ceramic tiles in pure colors while reflecting light to create multi-colored surfaces and fields.

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Appiani ceramic mosaic mixes are produced from mixing the Denim, Diva, Anthologhia, Seta, Metallica and Open Space ranges according to calibrated percentages to achieve unique and surprising results.

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From start to finish, Mosaico+ places quality and expertise at the top of its production system. Integrating innovative technologies and respecting the deep rooted tradition of mosaics, Mosaico+ seeks to explore the full expressive potential of mosaics.


The unusual design of Diamond enables the use of grout in tone-on-tone shades for a tasteful, refined effect, or contrasting colors to create a more trendy and eccentric composition. Part of Appiani’s Mosaico+ Collection.

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Doro is a glass and gold mosaic that pays homage to the traditional beauty of gold through intense colors and a stunning sparkling effect without sacrificing comfort and coziness. Part of Appiani’s Mosaico+ Collection.

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The new Fabric collection is inspired by American Modernism, from the structural purity of George Nelson’s design work through the functionalism found in the creations of Charles and Ray Eames. Part of Appiani’s Mosaico+ Collection.

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The Emetallo collection expresses the captivating luster of metal. Despite the collection’s apparent visual hardness, Emetallo’s metallic surfaces produce the effect of movement.

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Jointed is a stained-glass chip mosaic with each of the collection’s colors being represented with at least four unique engraving patterns. The Jointed collection enables eccentric and trendy designs when using contrasting colors for grouts or tone-on-tone shades to achieve a more tasteful and refined composition.

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Onde reproduces the rich shades of the colors it presents with the sparkling airiness of glass. The collection’s flexibility lends itself to fitting into any environment.

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