Terrazzo tiles, an important architectural material in Italy for centuries, is making a strong comeback, becoming a beloved material for an eclectic range of commercial and residential projects

Terrazzo is a versatile material and has a diverse range of applications.

Produced by mixture of marble, granite, quartz, glass chips and resin (or cement) as binder, terrazzo slabs are a stable, stain-resistant, durable and long-lasting surface solution.

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Countertops
  • Furniture
  • Exterior floors


We work with two well-established and highly regarded terrazzo slabs producers, Santamargherita and Grandinetti, in Italy. Depending on project’s specific needs, you can use resin or cement based terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo Palazzo, resin based, by Santa Margherita. 8 colors

Terrazzo Marble, resin based, by Santamargherita. 44 colors

Terrazzo Fragmenta, cement based, by Grandinetti.10 colors

Terrazzo tiles, cement based, by Grandinetti. 28 colors

Gra Veneziana, cement based, by Grandinetti. 11 color

Opus Musivum, cement based, by Grandinetti. 7 color

Pastine, cement based, by Grandinetti. 13 color

Anima, cement based, by Grandinetti. 21 colors