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Les Bijoux De Rex

In the same vein as the unique and alluring proposal of Étoile de Rex, the inspiration behind the collection “Les Bijoux de Rex” comes from sources that are different yet all with an artistic reach, in its widest sense: prized minerals skilfully crafted to make refined handmade jewels, magnificent marbles used in the creation of important architecture and sculptures, even paintings by famous artists. If art itself places value on aesthetic expression and any form of creativity able to convey emotions and “subjective” messages, which can be internalized and interpreted by the individual, the essence of this collection lies in its ability to convey an artistic allure through the style and the great eloquence typical of the Rex brand. This interesting pairing gives life to enveloping products with truly original colours.

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16×32 | 32×32 | 32×71 | 24×24 | 24×48 | 48×48 | 48×95 | 48×111


Matte, Matte-glossy, Glossy


Mosaics, Trims


6mm | 10mm


Special order from Italy.

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