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Les Origines De Rex

On its long and exhilarating quest amid timeless and beautiful surfaces, Rex has discovered the most precious and often inaccessible materials that nature has to offer. Amoung these, white marble: the quintessential symbol of purity, an icon of prestige and elegance. Les Origines de Rex explores the extreme whiteness of this limpid material, enhancing it with new aesthetic variations that are perfectly suited to a contemporary lifestyle. Four refined pattern variations embellish its natural shine with harmonious yet bold veins. Antique gold, ivory and pearl grey highlight its vibrant crystalline soul, embodying the seductive heritage of a secular culture whose aesthetic values openly challenge time and fashions.

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12×24 | 24×24 | 24×48 | 48×48 | 48×95 | 48×111 | 63×126


Matte, Mix, Glossy


Mosaics, Trims


6mm | 10mm


Special order from Italy.