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Plaster 2.0

It’s time to take responsibility with the sustainable beauty of Plaster 2.0. In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, Plaster 2.0 presents a necessary revolution within the industry. Plaster 2.0 is MILE®stone’s 1st entirely carbon neutral product. It is a beautiful concrete design
paired with six bold hues that replicate the artistic layering of venetian plaster. This collection is available in various sizes, along with coordinating trim pieces that offers you conscious versatility.

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12×24 | 16×32 | 32×32 | 6×24 (wall colors)




mosaics, trims




Made in the USA

Located in the Miramar Design District of San Diego, Versatile Surfaces is a trusted purveyor of premium and bespoke architectural and design surfaces.

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