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Prexious of Rex

“The pinnacle of elegance and undisputed queen of covering materials, marble is given new life in the Prexious of Rex collection. Starting from carefully selected, rare examples of marble, the colours and veining have been re-interpreted with all of Rex’s technical skill and creativity, and transformed into highly evocative panels of inimitable elegance.”

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12×24 | 24×24 | 24×48 | 32×32 | 32×71 | 48×48 | 48×111 | 63×126


Matte, Glossy


6mm, 10mm

Trims & Mosaics



Designs Thunder Night, White Fantasy in matte and glossy finishes, sizes in 12×24, 24×24, 24×48, 32×71 are stocked in California. Other items are special order.