Behind the Arkistone collection is the desire to lend a touch of exclusive elegance to stone, the intense and authentic material par excellence. These porcelain stoneware floors and walls rely on a refined palette, composed of 5 neutral and elegant colours, from the suave Ivory to the bolder appeal of Dark. To fulfil the most modern and diverse design requirements, Arkistone is available with 2 finishes, the matte and the structured, and 5 sizes, amongst which the 48×96″ slabs. The extra large surfaces, with their distinct aesthetic impact, truly strengthen the expressive potential of this unique stone. Made in Italy.

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12×24 | 24×24 | 24×48 | 48×48 | 48×96


Matte, Textured, Embossed


9mm | 2cm

Trims & Mosaics

Mosaics, Special Pieces


12×24 (Matte), 24×24 (Matte & Textured), 24×48 (Matte) in colors Greige, Ivory, and Silver are stocked in California. Other items are special order from Italy. For product details & availability, please call us or contact your sales rep.