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Lucca is a collection inspired by an elegant type of stone from the Lucca region in Tuscany, Italy. This highly-prized stone, only found in the little municipality of Villa Collemandina, is traditionally used on floors or to dress up walls in decorative style, thanks to its white veins. Peronda has taken advantage of cutting-edge tile manufacturing technology to reproduce it with amazing realism. Thanks to the use of Shaped Tech technology, the digitally printed design can be synchronized with the relief texture, recreating this superb Italian stone to perfection. Available in four colours in 6mm-thick tiles in a 100×260, 100×100 or 100×180 format, Lucca 4D is perfect for more modern-looking settings, thanks to the spacious feel guaranteed by its large formats and its perfectly matched wall and floor models.

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7mm | 8.6mm


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